Monday, 14 September 2009

A standard pose and a standard manipulation

Saturday's wedding had a few 'firsts' for me. It was my first Manchester wedding which happened to be at the most prestigious St Ann's Church in the centre of Manchester. It was my first trip on a Routemaster double-decker bus used to ferry the guests from the church to the reception. There were a few more firsts but I'll write about them tomorrow. As for today I will mention these two photos which are taken on a regular basis.

The first is a standard pose for the bride and groom with a very pleasant background but it does not tell you where the photo was taken. I like to take this anonymous type of photo along with similar photos that do identify the venues. The photo on the right simply translates this photo onto a computer screen. It is now part of the bride's thoughts as she prepares for the ceremony.

Happy snapping

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