Friday, 4 September 2009

Put more into enlargements

A few years ago I went to a printer in Morecambe and ordered a poster. He asked if he could use some of my photos for an advert for his banners and of course I said he could use my photos. Soon after this I went back for my own poster which I take to wedding exhibitions. In fact you can see it on my home page at and as well as this you get the added treat of me standing next to it. I don't get into the frame very often but I thought it was only fair for people to see me on the website.

This banner is a combination of very many techniques that I use. Take a look and you will see examples of black and white and colour in the same photo. There are vignettes and photos that are sepia. You will not see that the weeds have been taken out of the lawn and you will also not notice that a building in the background has been changed to trees.

What you will notice are my details. If you enlarge to the size of banners then words are easily read. I like the idea of words that are personal to brides and grooms added to a photo but unless you enlarge the photo then words may not be readable.

Happy snapping

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