Sunday, 6 September 2009

Don't strangle the groom

Earlier this year a bride and groom chose their photo for the local newspaper. They chose the photo of the bride getting a piggy back from the groom. I was pleased with this because it is something different and it certainly stood out in the newspaper.

Since then I have tried to always suggest this as one of the photos of the day. Sometimes the dress doesn't allow this photo to take place but you can always mock it up as with these photos of the bride and groom from yesterday.

Natural smiles are found when confetti is thrown or when the bride is lifted. This photo also gives a natural smile especially if you ask the bride to put her arms around the groom's neck but not in a strangling sense.

The second photo is just a sepia version with a little tighter cropping. I usually put a white vignette around the sepia version of photos but this one looked like it didn't need the vignette treatment.

Happy snapping

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