Sunday, 2 August 2009

Wythenshawe Hall

This is Wythenshawe Hall in Manchester. It is a beautiful Tudor house which played a part in the English Civil War. Oliver Cromwell successfully fought here so he gets quite a large statue which is just behind where I took this photo. Well it's a couple of hundred metres away but it's not far. This photo was taken by the gate. If you go a bit further back you will take a photo of the wall surrounding the hall so here is the best position but it is just a little too close. There are converging verticals, but Wythenshawe Hall is not a conventional building. I am not sure if there are two lines in the walls that are parallel. It looks like it is falling over but I wanted to show it in a better light.

In the photo on the right I have done my best to straighten the walls and stop it looking like it is falling over. Look a little closer. I have taken out the sign in the central garden area and just behind the sign is a pedestal that I have also removed. I thought that black and white would give it a look more fitting to its age and I also wanted to highlight its Tudor character so I increased the contrast in the black and white. For good measure I tidied up the drive.

Having made all these changes, I did take photos at an angle from the corner of the grounds and then you don't notice the lack of Tudor verticals.

Happy snapping

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