Saturday, 1 August 2009

Can you see their souls?

On the 30th January I wrote about emotion in photography and I mentioned the Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh. In 1999 Karsh was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Canadian Association of Photographers. At the same time they gave a similar award to another Canadian photographer called Ted Grant.

I know it is a tenuous link but last month I had a quote from Ted Grant as my quote of the month on my website at The quote is 'when you photograph people in colour you are photographing their clothes. When you photograph them in B&W, you photograph their souls'. Can you see the souls on the right? I don't know about you but I can still see clothes.

Happy snapping

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  1. To me i think he ment buy taking away the colour in the picture u dont get distracted your eye drawn away to a bright colour or object within the picture you look more at and see the person/people in black and white and a good example to me your next post tho wythenshawe hall frist thing i see in the colour picture (1)before i see the building is the green grass to front it distract my eye but when you have truned the picture to black and white i look more straight to the building