Sunday, 23 August 2009

The advantage of a mini-tripod

Yesterday I was saying that it doesn't really matter if you don't have a tripod. Well sometimes it does. Blur from camera movement is kept to a minimum and you can always take photos of yourself - as per yesterday's photo.

If I am using a tripod I generally take one that is difficult to carry around. It certainly limits sponteneity but it does make for better photos. It isn't really difficult to carry this tripod but I am lazy. I also have a mini-tripod. I have tried a couple and not been completely satisfied with them. You are limited because you have to find somewhere flat to put it on, and if you have somewhere flat then you can just put the camera on it.

There is greater flexibility with a mini-tripod but I have found them a little temperamental. A slight adjustment here and it moves itself there. Today I bought a different kind of tripod which is in the photo. This one has springy legs and early indications are that it works well.

All I need to do now is look for flat places to put the tripod on.

Happy snapping

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