Monday, 3 August 2009

Wythenshawe Hall 2

I am pleased to have visited Wythenshawe Hall (see yesterday's blog). The reason that I was there was for a pre-wedding meeting and one of the main reasons for the meeting is to see where the main group photo can be taken. These photos can be taken anywhere as the family and friends are the most important aspect of the wedding, but if this photo can be combined with a background of the venue then so much the better.

There are no two walls that are parallel at Wythenshawe Hall, but from this angle it is very difficult to tell. Not only do you get the hall as a background, but a third of the photo is lawn and this looks good too. I have not done any manipulations to the lawn. No weed has been uprooted. If a dandelion dares to show itself on the day then I will go round with the weedkiller (alright photo manipulation). Plans may change on the day but this may well be the site for some groups.

From this angle there is no need to remove the pedestal and sign. In fact there is another sign telling us the hall is open. However in this case there is no point in disguising the age of the photo. The bride and groom are there telling everyone it is a modern photo and when the groups are there you won't see the signs anyway.

Happy snapping

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