Friday, 14 August 2009

The beauty of the digital age

I have received permission so here is the photo of Lynn who happened to be at work when I was taking photos at a wedding last weekend (see yesterday's blog).

I took two photos so this photo shoot lasted a whole five seconds. I preferred the first photo but she was stood next to a curtain which you can see on the left. We were in the room where the wedding was going to take place so it was quite a nice setting but I hadn't prepared for this photo. I just picked up the camera and took the photos.

On Tuesday I returned with the photo on the left along with a colour version that was less tightly cropped, and an even closer cropping in sepia with a vignette. I also gave her the two photos on the right with a Morecambe Bay sunset in the background. They are printed as a 6"x 4" which means that the photos on the right are 4"x 3" - quite a nice size and half the price!

Photo shoots don't have to take long. These and the photos on yesterday's blog took seconds. However in general I like to take some time and a lot of photos. With digital photography it costs nothing to take more, and even if you only have take one great photo with computer software that photo can become half a dozen. That's the beauty of the digital age.

Happy snapping

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