Thursday, 13 August 2009

Where do you want to be?

I arrived at the wedding venue a few days ago and no members of the bridal party were there. I took photos of the room as it had just been prepared and then one member of staff asked if I was going to take a photo of her. I always like volunteers. This isn't her photo as I haven't asked her permission to use it on this blog yet, but when I returned with her photos on Tuesday I got these photos from another volunteer.

The wall in the background is part of the reception area of The Strathmore Hotel in Morecambe. It is not a particularly inspiring background especially when you look out of the window and see Morecambe Bay. I took four photos and the total photo shoot took about ten seconds, but from one photo you can change a lot to get what looks like a lot of different photos. I said I could change the background and asked her where she wanted to be. The answer was a sunny beach. Well we are near the beach in Morecambe and the sun is definitely there. On the right the first backdrop is the Bay very close to The Strathmore Hotel and the photo on the right is taken from Morecambe Town Hall. You can just see part of Morecambe Yacht Club.

Happy snapping

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