Monday, 10 August 2009

Even more shadows

I like to take a couple of photos when the bride and groom are walking down the aisle. One is just of them but the second has some of the guests in the background. When they get out of the room it is usually to the open air and natural light. Take a look at the photo on the right. The wedding took place in the room in the background. They had just received their drinks. It was warm and drinks were needed.

While they were drinking, I asked if they could stand still for a second and I used the lighting from the room. The shutter speed was over one second because the room was fairly dark. It is easy to see any movements at this speed, just take a look at the flowers, but it does give a totally different photo from that on the left. They were taken only seconds apart but are totally different photos. I wrote about shadows under the eyes in my last blog. If you missed it then take a look at the shadows on the right.

Happy snapping

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