Thursday, 20 August 2009

A new addition

I had to add these photos today as we had an addition to our family yesterday. This is Angel who is a 'rescue' dog. She is part collie and part Heinz 57 and we had to visit the centre at least three times before we could bring her home for a trial.

If all goes well she will be a permanent resident in the next few days. At the moment she is wearing the red collar of the rescue centre which you can see in monochrome on the left, and you can just see in colour on the right. I thought that the tight cropping and the vignette worked well but Angel comes out very well in monochrome. This surprised me because her fur is mostly black anyway. There is a little bit of brown in her legs as you can see on the right.

When I decided to take her photos this evening I thought I could put the camera on the floor and just use the timer and natural light. No chance. I had attracted her attention and the second or so that is needed to take the photo meant motion blurring. I still kept the photo on the right because it shows the depth of field. The carpet is too close to the camera and is out of focus. The paws didn't move but her head did. However she is a willing model and I'm sure that I will get a lot more opportunities to take her photo.

Happy snapping

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