Thursday, 6 August 2009

This photo has been manipulated

This photo has been manipulated. I thought I'd better let you know because an MP is trying to bring in the need to make this clear if manipulated photos are used as adverts that are aimed at children (see yesterday's blog). Well this might be an advert for bracelets or hooped T-shirts and if it is an advert then you may be able to read the mind of the advertiser and decide that this message is going to children. These children may not be able to detect that this is the same photo five times. Children may be fooled to think that there are five very similar people that stood in a strange juxtaposition. One happened to be black and white, one sepia, one that looked like a pencil drawing and one that had an exceptionally high contrast.

I know that this MP has started a debate with the best of intentions. Children may develop a poor body image if all the magazine photos show perfect models. It is just an argument that I can't agree with. Ban airbrushing and only 'perfect' models will be hired. If I take weeds out of the lawn then this imitates the same lawn that has just been cut. Pick up the litter on the computer or literally pick it up. Put a model in the best possible light or recreate that light on the computer. If this idea becomes legislation it will be unworkable. Policing it would be impossible and everyone would still want their picture to put them in the best possible light.

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