Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Did you see the leaves?

The pre-wedding meeting looked at the reception at Wythenshawe Hall but the church is St Ann's in Manchester. If you know the church then you may know St Ann's Passage that connects the church to King Street. It was used on Saturday as a possible wet weather option to get the church in the background. During these meetings I am not greatly concerned about expressions as I am looking at backgrounds. Expression takes priority on the day but for the moment we are just looking for viewpoints.

The photo on the right is the same photo and it is only when I cropped the photo, made it sepia and put a vignette around them that I noticed the tree. It really makes a big difference and I will be looking for that tree if the opportunity arises. This reminds me of the quote from the photographer Dorothea Lange, 'the camera is an instrument to teach people how to see without a camera'. I need a few photo manipulations as well. I knew that I had removed the bags, there were no shop windows (and no letters on the groom's shirt) but the leaves really help the cropped photo.

Happy snapping

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