Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Expressions come first

I like both of these photos. On the left we have the groom outside the venue for the wedding with his best man behind him. I like this photo because he has not posed for it. The chances are that he knows his photo is about to be taken but you cannot be sure. I also like the best man in the background. He is there for support on the day and for support in this photo.

On the right you can see the same flowers in the background. The part of the photo that really makes it is the bride's expression. If the bride or groom are willing to pose then I am willing to take the photo. I don't go for 'modern art' type photos because I don't want to make them feel uncomfortable, but sometimes that extra pose (like the Eric Morecambe pose by the statue) is the one that they like the best.

There is lens flare on the right caused by the bright sunlight. This is not something that I look for in photos, but I have heard on many occasions that people like the effect. One thing that you can see with this photo is a coloured flare in front of the car and black and white flare elsewhere. They do get a black and white version and one totally in colour as well.

Happy snapping

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