Friday, 7 August 2009

An unusual wedding photo

I must stop defending photographic manipulation because I don't think that I need to. I believe that when I take out oil stains on the road or remove the white lines then people appreciate that the photo has improved. I did this with the photo on the left. I didn't add any sunshine as we had a lovely day in sunny Morecambe.

The reason why I am showing these photos is because it was my last wedding two weeks ago and I have shown this couple's photos to three more prospective brides and grooms. They have all booked me and all commented that they liked these particular photos. I give copyright to the bride and groom and in return I ask to use their photos in the blog and on the website. It works to my benefit because they are a great advert and it works to their benefit because friends and family see their photos throughtout the world. It is very unusual to see the photo on the right on my website or in a blog as I have to ask permission for more people to have their photos included, but it does show another manipulation and there is usually a spontaneous comment as to how people like photos like this type of photo.

Happy snapping

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