Monday, 17 August 2009

Not a standard pose

It is often difficult to stop brides and grooms from smiling on their wedding day. I don't think they need to practice but at the pre-wedding meeting we do go through some standard poses. It is a good practice for them and we look for backgrounds for these poses.

This is not a standard pose but if the groom lifts the bride you are guaranteed a natural smile. With a bit of cropping and a vignette you can hardly tell it is a lift and the smiles are still there.

On the day that we went for the pre-wedding meeting (16th August) we found some really great for backgrounds at the venues for the wedding and the reception. In the space of five minutes we found eight or ten places to take photos. Which are the best backgrounds? Very often it is only when I have seen the photos on the computer monitor that I know the better backgrounds especially when they are all very good. This particular photo did not have the best background by a long way but it does work very well and I hope to use it on the day.

Happy snapping

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