Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Avoid distractions in the background

Yesterday I mentioned a pre-wedding meeting and I said that there we were spoiled for choice with backgrounds. Perhaps you will get to see some after the wedding at www.gradwellphotography.co.uk They may be on the gallery page or you may see them in blogs at that time.

After telling you all about how good the backgrouds are, I am now sharing two photos with you that have the most common of all backgrounds. The lawn.

I like the standard poses. That's how they became standard. I like photos that bring out natural smiles like confetti photos and lifts of the bride (and the groom for that matter) and I also like to change from standing poses. Sitting is good and if there is a height difference it is lessened by sitting. You can also kneel or sit on the lawn. Not only does this change any height difference it also changes the perspective. Now there are no distractions in the background, just lawn.

Happy snapping

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