Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lancaster Cathedral 2

On Monday and Tuesday this week I wrote the blogs in the order that I published them. I wanted you to see the dog without the collar first and then I wanted you to see the dog with the collar. I have learnt my lesson so apologies if you come to this blog on Wednesday 26th August as you will be the only people reading this blog before you read tomorrow's amended photos.

Today I am showing you Lancaster Cathedral as the camera sees it. I took this photo from across the road. Now if you know Lancaster or its Cathedral you will know the spire is extremely tall. You may not know that it is 240 feet in height but I wasn't about to get a tape measure to it. What it means photographically is that you are bound to get converging verticals unless you are a long way from the Cathedral when you take your photo. I have written about converging verticals before, but basically think of it like a path getting smaller as it goes into the distance. The walls of the building move towards each other as they get further from the camera. The walls 'converge'.

The eye accommodates to this convergence. We don't notice it but the camera does. Who says the camera doesn't lie? Well the eye does. Now if you had the ability to take this photo from 120 feet in the air then you would not notice the convergence (as much). However with a couple of click on the computer you have Thursday's photos.

Happy snapping

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