Sunday, 30 August 2009

Take the easier choices

A friend of mine showed me his new digital camera a few years ago. At that time I thought film was still better than digital and I only owned a film camera. I looked through his camera to see what I thought was an ordinary view but he told me how wonderful it was, so I agreed with him. Later that day he sent me some photos and I was amazed at the quality. We were watching a rugby match and I could see so much detail on the other side of the pitch.

I bought a new zoom lens this week and I was in Lancaster so I took this photo. The first thing I saw was all the telephone lines. I had the idea at the time of taking the photo that I would airbrush them out but the quality of the photo doesn't justify the extra work. I will wait for good lighting and more importantly, I will get on my bicycle and look for a viewpoint that takes out the lines. Life is so much easier this way.

When I took this photo I did not use a tripod, so if this is the photo I want on my wall then I would take it again with a tripod. The moral of that story is take a tripod on holiday, and maybe the moral is always use a tripod. Now when I look at it I see buildings that I have not seen before from this angle. I recognise them because I know Lancaster but it is strange to see all the detail.

Happy snapping

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