Monday, 31 August 2009

If it rains it rains

I have been looking at the weather forecast for the past five days for this wedding on the 3oth. The forecast began as heavy rain, then heavy showers, then light showers then light showers after 4pm. When I woke up on the day the sun was shining. Now it did get cloudy and I have to say that we did get rain later in the day, but we did get the photos that we wanted to get. I must stop looking at the forecast. If it rains it rains.

We had prepared to take these photos between the church and the reception. This countryside means something to the bride and groom and the car is obviously special to their day but take two steps off the road and you could be in the middle of the moors. OK it's unlikely in a wedding dress but it is possible. If it had been raining then we wouldn't have got these photos, but we would have taken others, and as the bride put it "if it rains it rains". I will show you one tomorrow which is indoors and not a usual type of wedding photo.

Happy snapping.

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