Saturday, 22 August 2009

Onshore breezes don't help.

Last weekend I was on the prom in Morecambe and took photos of the Sandcastle festival. It wasn't a great day for photos. It was cloudy and breezy. Wind is important if you are taking a landscape or a seascape. If you want a great photo then you have to avoid camera shake and use a tripod. I must admit that I don't generally use a tripod but it doesn't matter if you are taking photos with a flash or in daylight and the subject is near to you. You may notice a difference between a hand held photo and a tripod if you considerably enlarge these photos but for the usual enlargements it makes no difference.

So on Sunday I took this photo, not with a tripod but I left the camera on a wall. You can't really see the building behind my wife's head but it really is a nice building. There are many others in Morecambe but you do have to look up above the shop window to start to see their grandeur. I said a breeze doesn't help when you take a photo, and it doesn't help my hair!

Happy snapping

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