Saturday, 29 August 2009

Werner Heisenberg

I have a website at and I add to the gallery page each time I take photos at a wedding. I give copyright away to the bride and groom and in return I ask if I can use their photos on the website. It helps me because I am able to show examples of my work and it helps them because any friends and relatives who live anywhere in the world can see photos of the wedding almost at once.

I want people to look at the photos and at the website in general and to make sure that there is something different each month I have a quote of the month on the home page. This month I have used a quote from Werner Heisenberg. He was not a photographer, he was not even an artist. So how did he manage to get a quote on a photography website? Well there is plenty of physics in photography and he was a German physicist. The quote that I have used is “Looking at something changes it”.

If you read this quote without knowing its origin you may think that it is referring to something poetic. The spectator becomes part of the picture. However the logical science of physics tells us that observing something literally does change it. If you don’t believe me then do a search for the quote. You get physically involved with a photo if you look at it. That’s the easy step. The harder step is to get involved so that you enjoy the photo.

Happy snapping

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