Friday, 21 August 2009

Well done Lancaster City Council

Last weekend there was a Sandcastle festival in Morecambe. Unfortunately I was busy on the Saturday and the Sunday and when I managed to get to the prom on Saturday these sculptures were surrounded by wire fences. I managed to get these photos on Sunday but even then you can see the fence in the background. I'm afraid that this spoils the background, but the foreground is the centre of attention.

Mr Punch on the left looks like Tommy Cooper but that shouldn't take anything away from the great artistic value of the sculpture. I think we are looking at Neptune on the right but he has lost his legs. This may be partly artistic licence and partly ease of sculpting. I thought all the sculptures were wonderful, even a very simple dolphin. I might even have a chance of sculptint this one!

As for the photographic value of the sculptures, they would have been better in a better light. They would have been better with better cropping which was limited by the fence in front of the sculptures, and I would have liked a better background. I'm not sure why the fence went up on Sunday as the festival had finished. Nevertheless, well done Lancaster City Council.

Happy snapping

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  1. What was annoying is this snadcastle competition/festival was supposed to take place on the beach beside the Midland Hotel....but there were no notices there saying that it had been relocated!