Monday, 1 February 2010

Which do you prefer?

This is a typical pose for signing the register. There are simple variations. The bride and groom could change places or both could be sitting. In this photo it is hard to see the register but I promise you that it is there. As I give copyright away it doesn't matter if any other guest takes this photo. I actively encourage it but on Saturday this bride and groom didn't know where to look when everyone was taking their photos and guests were too polite to say they were taking the photo.

The obvious difference between the photo on the left and the photo on the right is colour. You may prefer either as they each have their attributes. On the left you can see the colour of the flowers. Colour is all around and it can be appreciated. On the right I am not distracted by the lawn in the background. In this case my eye moves more readily to the wedding dress and the faces of the bride and groom. In short there is something to be said for both photos. I'll let the bride and groom choose which they prefer.

Happy snapping


  1. Hi Michael - I see your point, both have their merits. Normally I'm a bit of a sucker for B&W. I also like the way the slight reflection of the wedding dress looks a bit like a saintly aura! Good to meet you on Saturday. Regards, Bill (piano player)

  2. Thanks for your comment Bill. I think the windows were starting to steam up. Some of the later photographs show a lot more condensation.

  3. I've taken another look and you are right Bill! The exclamation mark is because I work on the photos for hours after the wedding.