Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Three and a half for the price of one

This is a technique that I use regularly. On the left the first dance has been superimposed on a frame. It doesn't matter whether it is a mirror, a painting or a photograph because you don't get to see it. Generally the bride and groom know what is happening, but it is often the case that there is confusion if a member of staff is within hearing distance. I ask the couple to look at the frame. I have been asked many times if posters need removing or if televisions need turning off. It really doesn't matter what is there because you don't see it.

As for the finished product, you get two photos for the price of one. I take photos during preparations for both the bride and groom and it may look like both are contemplating the day ahead. On the right you don't just get two for the price of one but three and a half!

Happy snapping

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