Thursday, 25 February 2010

The words on the sign

From London to Edinburgh. These two photos are not typical images but they are a good record of what goes on. So now you know that you can buy fish, chips and beer all in the same shop/pub(?) I haven't heard of this before but now I have seen it and have the proof. I had heard of deep fried Mars bars but I thought it was folk lore. "Do you really fry Mars bars?" is a line from previous conversations and the answer is usually along the lines that they have heard of it but I haven't met anyone that has eaten one.

These photographs did present some technical difficulties. I have been telling you that the good news for my Edinburgh photos was that I carried round a tripod. Well these were taken with a compact and no tripod but I managed to rest on a rail that was next to the sign. The rail did prevent me from standing back and getting a photo from in front of the neon signs. I could have used this blog to show you how you could get round not being able to take the photo from in front of the signs. However I have shown you this sort of manipulation before (e,g, 13th and 14th January). The main reason for this blog is to show you the words of the sign.

Happy snapping

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