Friday, 12 February 2010

Trip to London

You may have guessed by glancing at the photos or the title that I have been to London. I have already mentioned this in a political blog but I did manage to take quite a few photos too and I'll show you some more in the near future. These two photos were taken fairly near to each other. On the left you are looking at the sign for the Westminster station and on the right I am halfway over Westminster Bridge.

As for the techniques that I used, both have been cropped. Just to the left of the underground sign was quite a bright street light that I thought was distracting so I made it a little darker. I am not a great fan of street markings so they have gone and I felt that a generally darker version was better so that is what I did to the photo on the left. I used flash three times only in the dozens of photos that I took but one of these was for the underground sign. Every other time I would find a flat surface and use it as a tripod. the problem with using a flat surface is that get to see some of that surface and that's why some cropping is often needed. Here's a simple tip to limit the amount of cropping. Place the camera towards the front of the flat surface. It's not rocket science is it!

Happy snapping

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