Sunday, 21 February 2010

London at night continued

In the last week I have been writing blogs about weddings. Prior to this I was telling you about a recent trip to London and I will continue this theme from where I left off. On the left is the photo from exactly where I left off but this time I have changed it to make it a little more red and a little more yellow. It was a cold night but it looks a lot warmer by making this change. You may like to know that this is how you convert to sepia but you have to start with a monochrome photo.

Even though it was cold I would have liked a week to walk through London, not just a couple of hours. I would have liked to carry a tripod and an SLR rather a compact and look for flat surface but I had enough to carry through London. On the right I placed the compact on some coin operated binoculars. This must be an ideal spot to view the Palace of Westminster and it has a convenient flat surface for night photography. You will see that it is overexposed if you want to see the time. I'll have to go back and change the exposure. I also think there are better views by walking along the Thames so I will take a tripod and an SLR next time.

Happy snapping

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