Saturday, 27 February 2010

Edinburgh and a tripod

I carried the tripod round Edinburgh for two reasons. One was for views like the one on the left and the second was for indoor photos using the ambient light. I'll show you the second use tomorrow.

If you use a tripod for a landscape then it is not much trouble to put the timer on. You have to wait two seconds but you don't get camera shake from pressing the shutter button. You can tell the difference by looking at horizons or large enlargements or night photos. Just visible on the horizon on the left are some cranes in the port of Leith. A time check was needed for the port. Hence the gun was fired at 1pm.

The two photos were taken within seconds of each other. I think the one o' clock gun looks better in monochrome but it is personal choice. I could have taken this without the tripod but you never know when you will want a huge poster on your wall. The moral should be to always try to take the best possible photos, whether it is capturing a landscape or capturing a smile.

Happy snapping

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