Monday, 15 February 2010

High Contrast Sports Car

I said that I would alternate photos for the two weddings from last week. Well this wedding only took place on Friday but it seems like a while ago now. On the left I asked the bridesmaids to stay where they were so that they were in the background of the photo. After I took this photo I asked them to move so that they weren't in the background but I got back in their good books by asking hem to join the bride and groom for the next photo.

There were some oil stains on the floor but the small stones meant that it was really easy to get rid of them on the computer. I think sports cars lend themselves to high contrast images. Whether you like the sepia photo on the right is up to you but I do. Prior to converting to sepia I blurred the background so the bridesmaids are definitely in the background. Oh yes I changed the registration too.

Happy snapping

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