Thursday, 11 February 2010

My walls

This is an example of a most efficient method of taking photos for writing a blog. I am sat at my computer and thought about what I would write about and here is the answer. In the photo on the left the computer is just out of shot and I am sat at my desk. I think you get used to the things around you forget about the photos on the wall. I took the poster to tell people that all my photos may be enlarged to this size but I don't usually mention the other photos.

On the right are three canvases. I do mention them as part of the copyright. Anyone who books me as their wedding photographer does not have to buy through me. If you get the copyright you can buy whatever you want at any time. My best advertising is my photography so the more people that see it the better. The more of my photos on walls the better too.

Did I say efficient blog - alright lazy is also a good word.

Happy snapping

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