Friday, 5 February 2010

Last two from last Saturday

I will finish the photos from last Saturday with these two. I don't have a preference for colour, monochrome or sepia. I don't have a preference for full images, oval or rectangular vignettes, but I do have preferences for each individual photo. However, just because they are my preferences doesn't mean that the bride and groom have to share my view so they get a set of variations along with the copyright.

On the left I think the monochrome worked best because it blended well with the darkness of the background. On the right I also liked the monochrome best but I thought I'd give you the sepia just to vary the blog. I like to go back to the evening reception in order to get a photo of the first dance. In Wednesday's blog you saw a photo in a photo of the first dance. If you clicked on it you would see that I have blurred the background. I didn't blur the background in today's blog but I did supply variations that were blurred.

Happy snapping

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