Saturday, 20 February 2010

Last blog from last week's weddings

Here is the last blog from the two weddings last week. However you do get three photos for the price of two. On the left is a typical amendment that I have written about previously. A couple of years ago one couple used a photo like this as a thank you note. Very simply it was an A5 card that had one of the photos stuck to the front and one stuck on the back for balance. Since then others have used them. It is cheap (I will supply them for nothing) and a very nice way of personalising your note.

Recently I have started to take a close-up of the dress. I have always done this for the detail but usually associated with the groom's hand with the ring. I do hand over the original photo too but I like to increase the contrast. It gives the photo an arty feel and highlights detail. The increase in contrast also makes the bride look much more tanned but it is only a change in contrast.

Happy snapping

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