Friday, 9 October 2009

Sometimes it is easier to change the lens

In a recent blog I mentioned that a longer lens is better to minimise prominent facial features. Of course the main reason for using a longer lens is to take photos of subjects at a distance. When I was in Glasson Dock a couple of weeks ago I was using a telephoto lens to take photos of Sunderland Point.

I kept using the telephoto lens for more of Glasson Dock partly because many photographic subjects are at a distance e.g. at the other side of the dock, but mainly because of laziness. This photo should have been taken with a standard lens. There is no reason why i could not have stood nearer. Standing at this distance may be better to reduce prominent facial features, but the building isn't vain. There is also less chance of camera shake if I had been nearer to the Victoria Inn.

Notice that this 8"x 6" cannot be cropped to 6"x 4". The frame is too small and there is not enough sky or foreground. I have been known to clone more sky but there is too much texture in the sky to make this an easy task. Much easier, if I wanted a 6"x 4" is to change the lens.

Happy snapping

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