Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hey presto and no manipulation.

Here is my female model who is always available for a photo shoot. We went for a walk after a short drive so here she is ready to go. I have chosen these two photos to hightlight asymmetry. On the left you can see that Molly's eyes don't seem to be looking at the same place. It might be an illusion. Her eyesight seems to be perfect but it doesn't look quite right. It may just be that she is looking at an object very close to her like the head restraint.

We are all asymmetrical in some respects. It may be the shape of our mouth or the lines around the eyes. You can manipulate photos to reduce this asymmetry but that is part of us just as Molly's eyes are part of her. So what you can do is take the photo from the side and hey presto, no asymmetry.

Happy snapping

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