Thursday, 15 October 2009

Not quite candid

When I took the photos at a recent wedding in Manchester I was taken to the reception by bus. I thought that this was going to give me a lot more photo opportunities but as a general rule it is not good to take photos from a vehicle because of the extra camera shake even if the engine isn't on. There is a greater cause of camera shake and that is falling over by moving around the bus. As a rule if you see a great landscape from a vehicle then try to take the photo on foot or even better with a tripod.

However I didn't need to move to get this photo. I knew that I had to use flash because of the camera shake and because natural light would have emphasised the windows and not the subjects. As the child was asleep I asked if I could take this photo so it is not completely candid but it is very similar to the image I saw before I asked if I could take it.

This photo has a gentle theme to it and I think the vignette helps to bring out this gentleness. On the right I cropped the image a little tighter and for the same reason added another vignette.

Happy snapping

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