Friday, 2 October 2009

Wait for the builders to finish

I grew up in Manchester and as a teenager I took photographs and printed them in a darkroom. It was not easy and I never progressed to colour printing but I did manage to take street scenes of Manchester. Included in my photographs of the 70s are photos of Deansgate. I was in Manchester on 30th September and I took this photo. I remember being in almost the same place thirty years ago.

All mo photos in the 70s were monochrome so on the left I have just cropped and converted to monochrome. On the right I removed a few white lines. There is a lot of clutter in this photo including the plastic sheets protecting the roof of Manchester Cathedral. I just spent a few minutes but you can start to see how you could get an excellent photo even if it is just a snap at lunchtime. The perfect photo would have no repair work to the roof, better lighting and no lamppost. You can do a lot with photo manipulation but sometimes it is better to wait for the builders to finish.

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