Monday, 19 October 2009

The camera teaches you how to look

A couple of weeks ago, when I was driving from Halton to Morecambe, I stopped and took a few photos and published some on this blog. I am often writing about how a camera lets you see the things around you and this blog entry is no exception.

I took these photos because the lighting was good. I like cumulonimbus clouds as they give texture to the sky and they also give different lighting effects to the ground. You can't see the fluffy white clouds in this photo (think The Simpsons) but you can see the effect on the ground.

I had just taken photos of Lancaster city centre and I mentioned the landmarks on this blog. I turned to my left and I saw the motorway. I hadn't realised that you can see the motorway from here but there was the motorway nicely lit and there was the standing traffic. Alright there are lane closures to blame. Perhaps I only noticed because of the standing traffic. Perhaps it was because I was using a zoom lens.

Happy snapping

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