Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Morecambe at Night

On Monday I took the dog for a walk along Morecambe Prom. It was a still warm evening which makes it very good for taking photos. Unfortunately I couldn't carry a tripod as well as a camera and hold onto a dog lead. I say unfortunately but the dog is giving me an excuse to take a walk in the evening and there are a lot of flat places where you can place your camera. In thirty minutes I had taken at least as many photos and I will show you some of them over the next few days.

The photo on the left should need no introduction, but I will tell you anyway. It is the Midland Hotel. You do lose some control without a tripod but it isn't bad. The Midland is one of a very small number of buildings on the sea side of the prom. Across the road is The Platform, the former railway station but now a small concert venue. The superbowl is across the road from The Platform.

It is well worth taking your camera out in the evening. Street lighting makes buildings look very different. It gives you a different view of scenes that you have seen many times and most importantly it makes a good photo.

Happy snapping

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