Friday, 30 October 2009

Morecambe at Night 3

I did take a lot of photos while I was walking the dog on Monday but I'll stop showing you night photographs of Morecambe with these two photos.

The main point of showing them to you is that you don't need a tripod. As long as you have a flat surface you just put your camera on timer so you don't get camera shake. The photo on the left is taken from behind The Midland towards the west end of Morecambe. The building which is almost the last on the right is The Battery, so called because the army used to fire artillery from the adjoining headland.

The photo on the right is the Stone Jetty. It is the only remaining part of Morecambe's harbour and at one time there was a railway line along it. Although the Jetty has lost its purpose it remains a distinguishing feature of Morecambe. Just look at all those flat surfaces to take more photos from.

Happty snapping.

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