Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Experiment

I think it is really worthwhile joining a camera club. I was a member of the Morecambe club last year but then became too busy to continue. Most members were retired but the advantage of this is that you have some extra time to take your photos. There are many advantages to being a member. Just talking about photos with others makes you think more deeply about them. There are also competitions throughout the year when not only do you get your photographs talked about (almost always constructively) but you also get a mark.

Yesterday I picked up a booklet for the Nuffield Theatre at Lancaster University. In it I read about a photography competition and exhibition. The theme title is 'the experiment' and apart from that there are very few rules however you do have to live in the Lancaster and Morecambe area. Winning entries will be exhibited next Spring.

So if you have any ideas for me, or if you want to join in yourselves then entries have to be in for Friday 4th December.

Happy snapping

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