Saturday, 10 October 2009

Photo manipulations are everywhere

It doesn't take much to make a photo distinctive. On the right I have used the photo which is on my profile and added it to the text for the blog name.

Sometimes I add text into the photo itself. Whether the text is at the side of the photo or in the photo itself the image has changed. It has been manipulated. A month or two ago I joined in someone's blog about photo manipulation and there was a suggestion that it was alright as long as the words 'this photo has been manipulated' were added. To me this is such a vague term that it is meaningless. Even if you have no control over the way your camera takes photos then just by choosing your camera it is different from the photos of other cameras. If you have a choice of settings then you may choose types of photos like 'vivid' or 'natural' or even 'sepia'. Manipulations are everywhere.

Happy snapping

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