Sunday, 25 October 2009

Can you see the wind farm?

If you thought the subject of yesterday's blog lacked interest then the photo on the left was taken within a couple of minutes just as I got off the beach and back onto the prom. There is interesting light from the sunshine and shadows. There is also a range of buildings and a few people to take your attention. Did you see the wind farm in the background? It is hard to think of this wind farm at Caton Moor as close to Morecambe but it certainly looks close in this photo. If anything there are too many important subjects in this photo as opposed to yesterday.

You can't blame me for taking yesterday's photo. It must be 'arty' because I turned the camera and there was someone else taking a photo. It must be the most photographed boat ever!

Happy snapping

P.S. I did carry a tripod but I didn't use it for these two photos. At this enlargement I think you can tell. so the moral of this story is...

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