Saturday, 3 October 2009

Keep taking photos

This photo was taken in the Lake District. More precisely it was in the Grizedale Forest. There are a lot of famous scenes that would lend themselves as backdrops for portraits but it seems strange that this photo came out so well because when I took it I thought the portrait was good despite the background. There were quite a few areas of grass that were worn. It was not a place to take a photo of the Lake District. The lighting was good but it would have been good anywhere.

I remember getting the advice that when I was taking portraits take note of the caricature of how photographers work. Think of Austin Powers with his camera and the way he praised his models. It is a caricature but the advice was take a lot of photos. Don't expect every photo to turn out brilliantly but if you take enough then some will. The big surprise here is the poor background actually turned out well. The background in the photo is much more interesting than in reality. The motto is keep snapping.

Happy snapping

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