Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Turn the flash off

I wrote about favourite photos last time and in particular my favourite photo at the wedding on Saturday. I mentioned the photo of the first dance, the photo that I knew was going to be my favourite of the bride and groom (seen in the last blog), which is my favourite. There are photos taken in the evening with a dusk sky in the background. There are a lot of contenders for best photo.

At the weddings I generally have someone helping me. They take the view from the back of the church. They take the view from the side or just the candid photos when people aren't expecting them. It doesn't always work. If you say 'cheese' then you get a smile, but very often the natural smile that follows makes for a better photo. I would say that I can use about one in five of my assistant's photos, because people are not prepared, but those one in five are often better photos than mine which are posed.

I have not changed my mind about my favourite photo on Saturday. It is just that I have another photo of the signing of the register which I prefer which was by my assistant. He used natural light falling through the window when they were signing the register. Let the lesson for today be that you should occasionally turn the flash off' (or that you should always have an assistant with you).

Happy snapping

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