Monday, 27 April 2009

A Dwarf Forest Buffalo

Yesterday I went on a family trip to Chester Zoo. At the last minute I took my camera with a telephoto lens. It is a while since I went to the zoo but I knew that I would be some distance from many animals like leopards tigers and lions and the dwarf forest buffalo (right) can also do some damage if it is in the wild.

If I had gone just to take photos then I would have taken a tripod and a standard lens as well. It takes time to change the lens and it takes time to set up the tripod, but the main need for time would be getting the animals to pose - that is really difficult, and secondly getting the lighting just right. It was supposed to be sunny but there was quite a bit of cloud. Pictures look so much better if the subject is well lit. It's just a pity I didn't have a few more hours but it was a family trip. I'd better be happy with the photos that I got.

Happy snapping

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