Sunday, 19 April 2009

Heysham Parish Church of St Peter

This is the Heysham Parish Church of St Peter and I am writing about it partly from a photographic perspective and partly because I want to tell you some interesting features. This photo was taken in the early morning, hence the shadows. It roughly follows the rule of thirds (see blog on 19th January) but is a little late for the 'golden hour' (see blog on 31st January).

If you google the church you will find that it has a rare Viking hog-back stone inside the building. If you look at the cross near the centre of the picture it is roughly leaning towards the stone which is near the window. There are other anglo-saxon features but they are not as rare as the stone.

I am stood on the path. If you follow the path down towards the sea just as you pass the end of the church that you can see on the right, there is a gravestone that reads 'Poet Philosopher and Failure'. I don't know how much inscriptions cost but he cannot have been too great a failure if he could afford that plot and that inscription.

If I took the path on the left and passed the church, I would climb a small hill to get to the Viking graves seen in the blog entry for 13th April. There is a lot to photograph in a small area so put Heysham on your places to go list.

Happy snapping

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  1. I photographed the same stone at the weekend.

    He can't have been that much of a failure.
    The stone says that he outlived two wives and died aged 93.
    I haven't read any of his poetry or philosophical writings so I can't comment on those.