Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Rocco Morabito

Three days ago Rocco Morabito, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer died. His main claim to fame was a 1967 photograph of a man being given the kiss of life. He had been working on a power cable and had been left dangling from a pole. Do a search and have a look. It is a very dramatic picture but it is also important to note that Rocco phoned for help before picking up his camera. "He was a brilliant, instinctive photographer," according to one of his colleagues.

It is interesting to compare his photo with today’s news that an Italian photographer was attacked as he was working on the devastating earthquake from Monday morning. I don’t know the details of this attack, but we are people first and photographers second. Get this order right and the great photographs will come without being attacked. However it is also important to get lucky. I hope that we don’t come across life threatening situations but if we are in the right place at the right time I hope that we would call an ambulance before picking up the camera. No matter how good you are as a photographer, sometimes it helps to be lucky as well.

Happy snapping.

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