Wednesday, 29 April 2009

And A Butterfly

The photographers who like photos taken in the wild would not know if a butterfly were in a butterfly house or in the wild if you take the picture with a natural background. You are also required to name the type of butterfly. I am afraid that I don't know the name of this butterfly but I like to call it Fred. The only thing that I know is that it is a green and black one and it is quite big.

I grew up near the centre of Manchester and the wildlife that we came across comprised of pigeons and the occasional mouse. I have heard that nobody is more than a few feet away from a rat but I don't come across them very often. In fact I have never had my camera handy when I have seen a rat and I don't think they would make a great subject for a photo anyway. I don't think that a tee-shirt is a natural habitat but it does show the interaction that is possible with butterflies, and if you want a photo of a butterfly it does save a lot of time to go to Chester Zoo rather than waiting near a buddleia.

One final note. I am still using the telephoto, hence the tight cropping. Also notice that there is a much smaller depth of field with a telephoto lens. I have cropped it out but even the neck was well out of focus. The depth of field does concentrate attention but you have to make sure that you are focused on the subject.

Happy snapping.

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