Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Do your homework

Here is an example of converging verticals. I am too close to the harbour towers in La Rochelle and the tops of the towers are further away from the camera than the bottoms. This means that it looks like the towers are leaning towards each other but they aren't.

If you have been to La Rochelle then you will know that if I took a step backwards I would be in the Atlantic Ocean. You will also know that I could have gone to the other side of the the harbour and I would have had a very nice view of the towers and you would have seen some water as well! My excuse is that I was only there for a couple of hours and I decided to go into the city.

Also notice the cumulonimbus cloud. If the sky had been totally blue then there would have been no interest in perhaps a third of the picture. If the sky had been totally cloudy there would have been little interest in the sky and no sunshine to light the towers. If you are going on holiday take a look at some photos of the place you are going to visit. You have to be lucky with the weather but it is worth doing your homework as you may want to walk around the harbour.

Happy snapping

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